Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pressure wash, paint, and a new panel!

 Jed was working on painting the frame after pressure washing it, and he took out his transfer case and dropped it off to get a terra-low 4:1 conversion done.
 Marshall spent some time on the back end, starting on the right rear and working around to the left quarter panel.  He had to hang the tailgate to make sure that it would line up with the new corner pieces.
 Here is the quarter panel installed with some temporary sheetmetal screws waiting to be welded to the wheelhouse and the left rear corner
 Here is the new seam with the wrangler portion, the burn marks show where the plug welds are.
Last step before shipping the rollbars out for powder coat is to drill the mounting holes in the new floor sheetmetal.  There are cage nut plates welded in underneath to allow for easy removal of the roll bar bolts.  Anyone who has ever removed a scrambler factory roll bar can appreciate how difficult this can be.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Dewsnup color voting




We nixed the sissy green we had previously picked, here are our top three choices right now, but they are subject to change. What's your vote?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sample Colors

Please give us your vote, do you like 'em or not?

On another note, we neglected to thank "Air Vision" for the sand blasting and primer paint. Cory the owner/operator for Air Vision, didn't charge us for the primer paint because "Cory is a cool dude." All this was due to a late notice change that we weren't able to get the word to Cory until it was too late. Cory called me back on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and told me to not worry about it, he would take care of us. Thanks Cory!

Do we have a winner?

What do you think? Maughan's on the left, Dewsnup's on the right (Kate's pink suggestion was vetoed). Vote now, Marshall's out spraying right now (ok, so it's only a sample bottle, but still).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally - some paint!

Above you see the section of the YJ body that had to be cut out for the defroster duct, a little trimming and welding and this will be done. Below shows the piece of the rear box welded in place, so now this section is finally ready for the corner pieces to be welded in.

The Dewsnup's jeep was ready and we got some nice weather this weekend, so we went ahead and painted the underside with some chassis black paint. I also painted the underside of the fenders for both jeeps.

I had been working on sandblasting some of the smaller pieces in my sandblast cabinet, and here I am applying some epoxy primer to them. Hopefully we can get all the little hardware pieces prepped and painted with the bodies.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maughan jeep update

This is what's left of the driver's side quarter panel. I initially thought that I would be repairing this section by piecing in metal, but I also found large sections of bondo, and more work than I have time for. I have ordered a new panel from and will be cutting this off when it comes in.

I decided to paint the inside of the body channels that were exposed when I removed the floor corner pieces. I also painted inside the rear box and the inside areas behind the rear corners. These are easy to reach now.

This is all that's left of the old scrambler tub. I had to cut out the center section of the top portion under the windshield frame to use it on the wrangler section. The defroster ducts pass through the windshield frame on a CJ, and through the dash on a wrangler. I am keeping my cj dash so I needed to change this portion.

Welding and Seam Sealer

Jed thought he was done welding before, but kept finding holes all over the place. I think he's finally done now. He put on the seam sealer last weekend, and is about ready to paint the bottom of the body. The frame still needs to be cleaned up, but then the body can be remounted, have the dents worked on, then painted. Only 10 more weekends left before Moab!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The 6

So Dave recently found a disposable camera in his garage. We got it developed and figured this was a good place to show them.
Two years ago, Dave was driving an old CJ7. Both his daughters had long wheelbase jeeps, and in this family everything has to be equal. Rondi, with her eye for the KSL classifieds, found a rust-free CJ6 for sale and had to take her dad out to see it. The jeep was a former Forest Service jeep from Arizona. Dave bought it and several months before the Moab Easter Jeep Safari we decided to tear it down and restore it. We used the axles from the CJ7--upgrading the old drum brakes to disc, and using the Air lockers that were in the 7. The springs are wider and mounted further out on the 7, so we had to make some custom spring mounts to use them on the 6. The body was removed from the frame, and both were sandblasted to bare metal, then primed and painted. These pictures aren't the highest quality, we take for granted how much better a digital camera is than an old disposable.

In this picture you can see the spring perches that we had to build to adapt the newer style springs from the CJ7.

Kyle Layton standing in front of the jeep, the body has been mounted, along with the axles.
The frame with the axles underneath.

Here's the body, primed and ready for mounting. You can see that the underside has been painted.

Who's that sexy guy? This wasn't the last jeep that I ever cut in half.

Another pic of the body before mounting.

The finished Jeep at Moab.