Monday, January 24, 2011

Cutting, Patch panels, rear corners

The corners of the rear floor/bed area were in pretty bad shape, so I cut them out and I am working on welding in replacement pieces that I got from Classic Enterprises. Here they are just temporarily in place with a few sheet metal screws. Once they are all ready I will punch some holes for plug welds and weld them in

This is the where the rear corners used to be. I have a replacement reproduction corner piece, (thanks Wally) that I will weld in on the left side, and the right side I scavenged from the wrangler tub.

Here are the two corner pieces temporarily mocked up. I need to repair the rear box before I weld them on and cover it up.

Sandblasted & Primed

Monday, January 10, 2011


Last Tuesday evening Jed and Marshall loaded up the bodies to go to the sandblaster. Sorry for the bad photo, but it was 10 degrees outside, and I wasn't going out of the house.
The bodies were sandblasted and primed over the weekend and should be picked up today.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The jeep previously referred to as "Rondi's Jeep" had a rough existence and must have been victim to multiple Utah winters. The body was severely rusted, the floor pans had already been replaced once (poorly) and much of the under structure was rotten. There are several options for replacement tubs. The best option is to find a good used tub that isn't rusty. This is nearly impossible, as any scrambler that has a good tub is built into a good usable jeep. There are replacement fiberglass tubs available, and there is even a company importing aftermarket steel tubs. These cost anywhere from $2000-$4000 plus shipping. As you may know, people who are into jeeps are among the most helpful and friendly people you will meet, they are also among the cheapest. The initial plan was to remove the tub, sandblast, then patch any rust holes with new metal and finish. After removal and inspection, the amount of metal to be replaced exceeded the amount of good remaining metal. Going this route, I would have finished this project sometime around 2014.

The solution that I found was a graft of a wrangler tub. A CJ-8, CJ-7, and even a Wrangler are nearly identical from the rear section of the floor forward. Most of my problem rust was in this area, and the bed section looked to be repairable. I found a rollover Wrangler tub on KSL for $250, and with the help of a borrowed plasma cutter and MIG welder I cut the two jeeps in half, cleaned up the seams, and welded them together. The factory seams matched up, and the repair went better than I had hoped. This picture shows the two sections ready to be welded together.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We acquired the Scramblers over 10 years ago. Rondi's was found in Bountiful, Utah and completely rhino-lined inside and out. Erin's was in West Valley, originally from Texas. It was all white with some navy blue pin stripes.
We immediately fit them with lifts and tires, eventually new seats and consoles, then a soft top, front roll cage, and of course rattle canned the roll bars in distinctive colors. After our husbands came along, and a few horrible hours on Steel Bender with a carburetor, the motors were updated to fuel injection out of a couple of Cherokees.
We've been wanting to restore them for years, and this year it's finally happening. The boys have been hard at work......
Progress so far - The bodies are off the frame, and mostly welded. They are going to the sandblasters tomorrow, hopefully Rondi's won't disintegrate. Marshall first had to cut the Scrambler in half, cut the Wrangler in half, then made a Scrangler. Just a bit of background on how rusty that Scrambler was, when our Mom was scraping the rhino off years ago, she would go through the body with only a razor blade.
Jed has welded up approximately 4,973 holes so far, and only about 1,982 to go. It's good practice for him, this is his first time welding.
The boys are working hard so they can claim the Jeeps as well. Previous to the rebuild they have been referred to as Rondi's and Erin's Jeeps (not by us, by the boys). After all their hard work, they will be 'our' Jeeps.
Paint colors are still not completely finalized, but we're close. Maughan's will be copper, and Dewsnup's kiwi.